The noble drink,Wine,makes its place in India

Aanando Sngbad:-

1.Tropical countries around the equatorial range rarely took to wine.Whereas further up,about 20 degree north and down,20 degree south of equator, witnessed wine production,consumption and thereby been, experiencing a culture of distinct nature over thousands of years.It involved a life style effect,socio cultural impact.So much so,two major religions of the world,Judaism and Christianity both took birth in the mentioned region,gave wine a lofty,respected and permanent position,1000s of years ago.No wonder,its been also termed as the noble drink.


Wine has been in human society,since 6000+ years.Regions of eastern Europe,Greece, Croatia,Georgia are the prominant original areas, who grew a deep rooted social culture, around grapes and wines thereof.
Later,countries like France,ltaly,Portugal,Spain,Germany,grew prominance,achieved mastery and established themselves, as the head center of the wine world.Created a unique culture,techniques of production,innovation,experiment,massive trade and worldwide name.No doubt,colonial expansions,rule and spread, helped,European dominion on wines.Industrial growth and associated Economic splurz, remained accompaying features, in the history of wines in the world.
From the ports of Spain,Portugal and finally England,millions of bottles,thousands of wine barrels have teavelled world wide.
From the old wine world(France,Italy,Portugal,Spain and Germany) roots and plantations, travelled to far far away places, like California(19th century),New Zealand and Australia(both early,19th century), Argentina,Chile(mid 19th century),South Africa,New Zealand(mid 20th century)and now India,China too.

Wines to India
Wines came thru visitors,tourists and business men since the days of Mughals and even earllier.During Alexanders conquest,4th century BC,wines are expected to have entered with the monarch’s consummables.
In the later days of Portuguese,French,Dutch and finally English,Indians,upper crust obviously,came to know,savor and get into their life style,primarily with Port wines.Those were the colonial days, from early,16 th century onwards,wines came in all varieties and in all packages.First at the royal coarts and then thru the upper class gentry, to general public,club members and business travellers.


Essentially wines are of 4 types,red,white,fizzy,rose and fortified(PORT).


Mostly consumed worldwide, the red is medically certified to be the beneficial for human body.Its anti cancerous character and resistance to artery failures,blockage etc., are mostly talked about.
The red color is the attribute of the skin of the grape,which irrespective of its color,if allowed to stay back,with the grape juice, during the wine making process,fermentation,the wine gets the red color.Antioxidants are contribution of the skins too.Red wines, thus achieve a higher level of health benefits.


Whites are by name whites or of light colos.The color ranges from, light,very light yellow to golden and of colors of hay.There are,with tinge of green also.In any color,white wines are for their crystal clear appearence,look brilliant often like prrecious stones,like Topaz,Diamond etc.

4.Industrial mass production started in India,by Chowgules of Goa.Though with ambitious plans,the unit had a commendable beginning,unfortunately, could not be continued for long, for reasons beyond control.
The industry thereafter,with a slight pause,launched several enterprises with different company constitutions.Pure Indian group with overseas collaboration,partnership, with overseas technocrat investors,major foreign investments etc..etc..
The major players today are,Sula,Grover,Fratelli are stepping out aggressively to establish their qualiity stands in a national basis,whereas the next level players,Reveilo,Soma,York,Good Earth,Soma(Bangalore),Oakwood winery,Vallonne, are on the rising,expanding and establishing mode.
Few amongst them are collecting praises and prizes at international arena too.

5.Wine Clubs

A worldwide phenomenon,attached to;the wine world,is to have groups of wine lovers,enthusiasts to form a social club, to appreciate and enjoy wines with regular increase of knowledge.Clubs,originally spearheaded by the maverick,Wine Guru,Cav.Subhash Arora, of New Delhi, has today, at other corners too.MOST ACTIVE and growing,since quite many years, are the originals from Bangalore and Kolkata.There is another one heard, to be attached to Oberoi hotel of New Delhi.
Nagpur Wine Club is the prominant one,in terms of its maximum number of members and activities like publishing the first Handbook,Indian Wine directory,hosting annual Wine and Food show for last 6 years in a row. Nashik,Chennai,Akola and even Durgapur have wine clubs now, formed with support and inspiration from no other than the grand old man,wine leader,Sharad Phadnis,Founder Chairman,Nagpur Wine Club,Nagpur.

Apex Wine Club,Mumbai born, 4th Sept 2018, with its sole Chapter at Chennai,as of now,is the only wine club, to have national reach,cross club activities and an open social network,to propagate, “lets do it together”,slogan of theirs.The club was conceptualized in association with Indian wine world bigs and had the best wishes from industry as well from distinguished personnels, like,Yatin Patil,Pres.All India Wine Prod.Asso.,Cav.Subhash Arora,Founder Chairman,Delhi Wine Club and one of the most talked about and awarded wine personalities from India,Sonal Holland,MW,Ajay Gupta,Sr.Sommelier,John D’SOUZA,Veteran wine expert,Hans Raj Ahuja,Firmer Tea Garden owner,S.Saikia,Jorhat,Assam have overseas associates from,France,Italy and US.
The clubs are all devoted and committed to wine education,training and wine culture.

6.Future of Indian wines is bright and Is a sure success story.In spite of various Govt. regulations and Excise restrictions,the acceptability and grandeur behind wines, amongst various economic strata,age groups and professionals, show a healthy growth potentiality.The modern days’ youth,is turning away from hard liquers,beers and in a big big way, attending to the glory and glitters of wines.Long live wine culture.

Author:-Sid Banerjee


Initiator,Nasik Wine Club.Nasik




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