“History is better seen than heard” Says Panipat (The Great Betrayal) Producer Rohit Shelatkar

Anando Sangbad:India is a land of rich historical values, with a legacy that dates back to the beginning of human civilization. There are a number of stories just waiting to be told, from the glorious eras of history’s treasure chest. The tales of spirit and bravery are synonymous with Maratha warriors of old, and Indian period movies have barely showcased the same to the audience to create awareness. In the recent past, period dramas have gained massive popularity as the audience has evolved, and has realised their importance in knowing more about the history of their ancestors.
First-time producer and CEO at Vision World Films – Rohit Shelatkar also believes that history is better seen than heard, and is setting out with acclaimed director Ashutosh Gowarikar to present this story from his community. The epic tale of fearless Maratha warriors comes to life in Panipat – The Great Betrayal. The movie’s star cast includes industry veterans like Zeenat Aman, Sanjay Dutt, Padmini Kolhapure along with Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon, and will be releasing on 6th December 2019.
The partnership of Vision World Films and AGPPL have made considerable efforts to bring the high scale of drama, visual appeal, colours, star cast, and information worth knowing in their film to add to its thrill.
The movie is set in the year 1761, where the great warrior, Sadashiv Rao led the Maratha army across 1000 miles to help fight the war against the Afghans, with no personal gain. This historic battle is an important moment in Indian history, and being from the Marathi community, Rohit Shelatkar took this as a personal mission, to bring the story on the big screen for the Indian audience. The tales of the Maratha reign have been full of bravery, patriotism, might, loyalty, and discipline, but have found fewer cinematic representations. The movie is being co-produced with Ashutosh and Sunita Gowarikar’s production house AGPPL, which is well known for being a team of very talented and hardworking individuals. As every aspect of filmmaking, creativity and commerce for the project was a new experience for the first-time producer, he let his passion for the movie, guide him along the way. He feels that if passion is put before earning profits, the outcome will always be positive.

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