50th Garment Buyers & Sellers Meet and B2B Expo by West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association

Anando Sangbad: West Bengal Garment Manufacturers and Dealers Association, having completed
its glorious 55 years of dedicated service to garments sector in our State organized the 50th Garment Fair and
B2B Expo spread over three days (20th, 21st & 22nd December 2019) at Eco Park, (New Town) Kolkata. This
landmark event was attended by more than 600 national and international brands at the Exhibition and was
expected to generate Rs. 400-500 Crore business transactions at the wholesale deals.
Considering the importance of this endeavor of the Association in developing the State economy, the event was
attended by the State Government and the leading business houses. The event was attended by Dr. Amit Mitra,
Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge, Department of Finance, MSMEs and Textiles; Sri Hari Kishan Rathi, President of
WBGMDA; Sri Vijay Kariwala, Senior Vice President of WBGMDA; Sri Pradeep Murarka, Vice President of
WBGMDA; Sri Devendra Baid, Hony. Secretary of WBGMDA; Sri Manish Agarwal, Committee Member.
This association has been organizing Garment Fair and B2B Expo since its very foundation days to develop a
modern, vibrant and competitive garment sector, which is mainly MSME, and to enable the State in becoming a
strong hub in the global textile supply chain. The WBGMDA – Buyer Sellers Meet with no retail transactions has
been evolved as the most visited and trusted business meet in the Eastern part of the country. This event has
also its own impact in generating huge employment and support the SGDP to a great extent.
On this occasion, the association’s President, Sri Hari Kishan Rathi stated “Starting in a small way with a big
dream, our Past Presidents and fore-runner of the industry laid the path, and it is a happy augury that today we
are following their principles. Over the years with the overwhelming support of our members and well-wishers,
we are upgrading ourselves step by step.”
Speaking about the event, Mr. Devendra Baid, (Hony. Secretary) said, “The Buyers & Sellers meet organized by
our Association, has seen massive success over the course of five decades doing business in the eastern part of
the country. Despite an often tumultuous economic climate, as well as the rise and fall of countless garment
companies, this Meet has continued to grow and provide the best support to the industry to know and grow with
the changing paradigm.”

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